Choosing an information security partner should be like selecting the right surgeon, it goes well beyond having the right tools. Capabilities, experience and a proven track record are essential considerations. SynerComm's elite team, AssureIT, specializes in information security and has the people, methodologies and tools to help our clients succeed. Our expertise is derived from over a decade of penetration testing, assessment, and incident response experience combined with our unique access to SynerComm's best-of-breed security solutions.


SynerComm's AssureIT practice was founded on the belief that through expert consulting, the cyber-world can be a much safer place. This starts with a deep understanding of how and why breaches occur in the first place. AssureIT leverages their 13+ years of penetration testing, audit and incident response experience to help clients mitigate the risks that matter most.

One of the biggest challenges facing the security audit and penetration testing industry is the influx of half-rate firms claiming to perform IT audit, assessment and penetration testing services. Clients often receive automated vulnerability scan reports with almost no human insight or effort. AssureIT aims to right this wrong by delivering best in class services, experiences and reports.

AssureIT accomplishes this by utilizing only "A-Team" players. Our penetration testers all come to us with strong backgrounds in systems administration, networking, security AND development. This well-rounded background is the basis for expertise in our consulting. Our auditors and consultants each have strong backgrounds in HIPAA, PCI, risk assessment, business continuity, and security program development.

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