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Cybersecurity- What Are The Top Attack Trends In 2023? 

The most recent quarterly threat report issued by Expel at the end of 2022, revealed some interesting trends in cyberattacks. It highlights how attack methodologies are constantly changing and is a reminder to never be complacent.   Security efforts require more than putting policies, systems and software in place. As detection and defence capabilities ramp up […]

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Attacks on AD CS and the Impact on Business

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) are a key element of encryption services on Windows domains. They enable file, email and network traffic encryption capabilities and provide organizations with the ability to build a public key infrastructure (PKI) to support digital signatures and certificates. Unfortunately as much as AD CS is designed to improve security, […]

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IT Trendsetters with Check Point

SynerComm and ChannelBytes hosted an engaging virtual discussion with Check Point, touching on topics ranging from “Innovative ways Check Point is tackling cloud security issues” to “How does machine learning and AI play into automation?” and “Advice for security teams adopting new security dynamics”.

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IT Trendsetters episode with Expel

SynerComm and ChannelBytes hosted an engaging virtual discussion with Expel,  touching on topics ranging from “Advancements from SIM technology” to “Email phishing and the cybersecurity lifecycle” and “Implications and threats within IoT”.

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