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Cybersecurity- What Are The Top Attack Trends In 2023? 

The most recent quarterly threat report issued by Expel at the end of 2022, revealed some interesting trends in cyberattacks. It highlights how attack methodologies are constantly changing and is a reminder to never be complacent.   Security efforts require more than putting policies, systems and software in place. As detection and defence capabilities ramp up […]

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Who Does the GLBA Safeguard Rule Apply To?

The GLBA Safeguard Rule has changed, and it isn't just banks that need to understand it

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Vendors Stepping Up in a Time of Need

Most enterprises are getting slammed with employees working from home. Most of us designed our remote user VPN’s for the occasional "snow day" ...right. Now we have an entire workforce, working from home full time for weeks…maybe months …oh yeah, and using a full suite of applications including voice… crazy. No really!

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Abusing Exchange Web Service - Part 1

Outlook Web Access (OWA) has been one of the consistently viable attack vectors for pentesters and bad guys alike for many years. Frequently, an attacker will obtain valid credentials by brute forcing OWA portals exposed to the internet. Once credentials are obtained an attacker can then access the target network via any other single factor […]

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Why Security Awareness Training Fails

First, let's talk about what "failure" is and is not in the context of Security Awareness Training (SAT). Failure is not when a company gets breached due to social engineering. Wait, what?? All the outstanding training in the world does not guarantee that an individual will follow it when the moment of testing occurs. Soldiers are trained […]

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[UPDATE] Creating your own private botnet for scanning.

This is an update to an older post that can be found here.  Since createProxy's initial release, we've received some great feedback and, as a result, we made some improvements.   There were several shortcomings with the previous version, all of which rested on the use of ProxyChains.  ProxyChains is old, outdated, and failed to […]

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Drone Code Execution (Part 1)

Recently some of us here at shellntel have been building quadcopters and autonomous vehicles for fun.  We are big fans of the Pixhawk flight controller for its awesome autonomous capabilities.  We are also big fans of privacy.  As much as we like to build and fly these drones, we realize doing so in an irresponsible […]

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