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HVAC. Buildings. Electrical Systems. Resilient and Secure Networking. High Capital Expenditures. Blown Expense Budgets. No wonder virtual and cloud services have become an industry unto itself. Organizations know that the hassles of running one’s own data center often outweigh the benefits, yet migrating to a virtual environment requires a vigilant approach. At DeliverIT, we understand that a cloud environment isn’t one-size fits all, which is why we offer:

  • Cloud solution evaluation and selection
  • Virtual systems design and cloud architecture
  • Private, public and hybrid approaches
  • Virtual and cloud server setup and configuration
  • End-of-life technology recycling and destruction
  • Cloud security management

From whiteboarding an initial design to lifting and shifting your data to a virtual environment, virtual and cloud server configuration takes teamwork. Let DeliverIT help you unload the burdens of a data center and bring services to a virtual environment today.

Architects of design and implementation…

Flexibility, Security & Design

Benefits of Virtual Services from SynerComm

Strong Security Focus

There is a false sense of security that can happen when organizations move to the cloud. A “not my data center, not my problem” approach can cause business disruption and even data breach. Virtual services are not an exception to the security rule, which is why our team brings a strong systems security approach to virtual and cloud configurations, ensuring the safety of your data…even if it’s not in your data center.

Hybrid Approach

By examining your infrastructure, we can help you design a hybrid approach to virtual vs. local services…a common best practice. Our search starts by identifying resource-heavy applications, peak traffic, and less critical applications which are ideal for the virtual cloud, while ensuring that critical apps with high demands for security and performance are hosted locally…designing a balanced, hybrid approach.

Flexible Configurations

Do you have peak traffic or seasonality? Do your business operations demand more CPU or RAM on the fly? When designed properly, cloud and virtual services can provide your business with a truly flexible offering that stretches and thins with your business needs. That is a top benefit of virtualized services. We can work with you to identify possible fluctuations in your needs and design a platform to support them.

Cloud Architecture Team

Cloud server architecture requires a specialized skill set. From configuration management skills to virtualization and public cloud experience, our DevOps Engineering team brings experience in planning, application design, management, and monitoring of cloud environments. Be it public, private or hybrid, our consulting approach extends much further than traditional network engineering.
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