Technology Configuration & Logistics

Configure, Test & Deliver Success

Across town. Across the state. Across the country and even worldwide. Business is global, and that means managing a distributed network. From lost shipments to misconfigurations, managing logistics across large-scale, ever-changing networks can be complicated. DeliverIT’s Configuration & Logistics team employs a systematized approach to large-scale deployments across projects such as:

  • Staging builds
  • Equipment configuration and consistency
  • Racking and software imaging
  • Inventory warehousing and management
  • Phased rollout scheduling and management
  • Asset management and serial number capture
  • Real-time view, state, and status

As a leading solutions provider, not only can we help you select the right products, we can manage their deployment as well; efficiently and in a known good working condition. One source, centralized solutions, that’s what you’ll find from the DeliverIT team.

Centralized service, standardized configurations, managed logistics.

Configured for Success

Benefits of Localization & Logistics

Centralized Logistics

Single-site, single-source purchasing and logistics. It’s a model that simplifies business. Rather than burdening your local administrators with the receipt, inventory, warehousing, and deployment, our team centralizes the process and then leverages your team or our extended Partner Integration Network to complete the task.

Standardized Configuration

Few solutions are ready to be used in their out-of-the-box state…and deploying technology across locations can lead to inconsistent or even improper configurations. Our Configuration & Logistics team can take the guesswork out of the process, receiving and configuring each solution so that it’s as “plug and play” as possible once it reaches its destination.

Inventory Management & Loss Prevention

Our deep history as a solutions provider includes a sophisticated approach to asset management. From logging your new equipment in our AssetIT portal to ensuring its safe arrival at your facility for installation, lost and damaged products are minimized, saving you time and money.

Capacity Builder

As with any large-scale project, often times high-level engineers and systems administrators are pulled into benchwork to help deploy solutions. It can become an “all hands on deck” interruption to business. Let our localization team configure, catalog, and deploy solutions across your organization, protecting your team’s bandwidth and allowing you to stay focused on the big picture.
Centralized Configuration & Logistics Model

Strong implementation models start with the proper planning. It’s not simply enough to place an order and hope for the best. Logistics teams must consider timing, testing, training, and other elements to ensure a smooth implementation. At DeliverIT, our logistics and localization services can help you discover:

  • Is there a standardized configuration that will work across all locations, or is customization required?
  • What is the timing for this project and how quickly must all systems be deployed?
  • Does our team have the necessary bandwidth for a deployment of this scale?
  • Do we have the necessary knowledge at remote sites to implement these solutions?

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