Take Control. Be The Hero.

See the bigger picture; stop focusing on putting out hundreds of small fires.

Let SynerComm’s OneCDR (Continuous Detection & Response) be the force you rely on for exceptional security monitoring, analytics, alerting and reporting.

  • Focus on the larger picture

  • Centralize and integrate the scanning and logging of your critical systems

  • Free your organization up to focus on the important projects, while SynerComm triages the fires

Take control of your security operations & be the hero.

Approaches to Security Operations

DIY (Longest, Most Expensive)

  • Select, source and build the tools, people, processes on your own.
  • Long, slow, expensive approach. Lack of integration and control.

MSSP (Long, Expensive)

  • SIEM-focused. Your operations must align with your MSSP’s.
  • Too much “noise”, not enough “results”. You give up control to your MSSP.

✓ OneCDR (Quick, Affordable)

  • Integrated security tools. Expert team and community support that works with you.
  • Collaborative security ops, right now. Take Control. Be the hero.

Integrated and Collaborative Approach

  1. Asset Discovery (Continuous Awareness)

  2. Vulnerability Assessment (Know. Validate.)

  3. Intrusion Detection (Monitor. Respond.)

  4. Behavioral Monitoring (ID Suspicious Activity)

  5. SIEM & Logging (Aggregate & Correlate Data, Find Events.)

  6. Fault, Capacity & Performance (Proactively Isolate Potential Problems)

  7. Alerts, Reports & Reviews (Knowledge is power, but only if you apply it)

7 Points Diagram

How does One-CDR work?

Continuous Expertise

  • 24×7 Tools-driven Monitoring, Alerting, and Orchestrated Response.

  • Daily Expert-driven administration, analysis, collaboration and response support

  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly validation, reporting and planning.

  • Monthly recurring hours of proactive monitoring, support and response hours.

  • Annual flex hours for installation and extended response.

  • Specialist-supported recommendations and escalations.


Continuous Security

  • Dedicated cloud instance of AlienVault USM with web portal.

  • Locally installed, lightweight Sensors (Virtual Machines) and Agents (Endpoint Software).

  • Private Cloud Instance for aggregation, correlation, analytics, and alerting.

  • 30 days of explorable data, 365 days of archived data.

  • Onsite security sensors for each “data center” location. Unlimited endpoint agents.

  • Expertly and continuously operated and tuned integrations, directives and signatures.


Continuous Performance

  • Dedicated cloud instance of 24×7 performance monitoring.

  • Locally installed, lightweight Pollers (Virtual Machines) and Agents (Endpoint Software)

  • Private Cloud Instance for Fault, Capacity and Performance aggregation and correlation.

  • Cloud-scale statistical storage, analytics, alerting and reporting.

  • Server, network, application and cloud state and statistical monitoring.

  • Fault, Capacity, Availability and Performance Management.


Call SynerComm today and take OneCDR for a test drive.