IT Security Compliance & Infrastructure

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In some ways, technology is all the same. However, its application across different industries can be quite unique. Varying IT security compliance standards, infrastructure, and critical systems mean different things to different marketplaces. At SynerComm, we garner the expertise to ensure strong solutions no matter what your needs…

  • Patient privacy, safety, and security for healthcare providers
  • Fast, reliable, and secure payment processing for Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Adherence to stringent FFIEC, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) standards for financial firms
  • Protection of student data and records for educational systems
  • Enterprise level systems design for Fortune 100 organizations
  • Critical systems support and security for boutique practices

From data, trade secrets, PCI, PHI, and Social Security information to banking information, deadlines, and connectivity, your brand reputation is on the line!

Protect them all and deliver on your promises with SynerComm.

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IT Security for All Industries

The business of technology comes with its own language – one that has new words and acronyms added every minute. While other firms may be fluent in “IT talk,” at SynerComm, we helped write the dictionary on your industry’s standards. By building our vocabulary and understanding since 1989, our team not only knows and deeply understands technology, but is also well-versed in the unique needs, acronyms, compliance requirements, and terminology of each industry we serve:


Healthcare IT Security - HIPAA & NIST

From patient privacy to complex device management, the healthcare industry faces unique challenges with regards to accessibility, compliance, and patient safety.

Payment Card Industry - DSS & QSA

An all too common target, PCI. Businesses must be diligent about the protection of its data. This high-risk business operation must be tested, functional, and secure.

Financial Institutions - FFIEC & GLBA

Regulatory compliance touches every area of the financial industry. IT systems, data protection, and client portal security are an essential part of every financial institution’s work and reputation.

Insurance Industry - IT Security

Protection of consumer and business data is a critical component to IT security in the insurance industry. This is paired with a broad and scattered agent workforce, making management of systems even more complex.

Software Development - SAAS SECURITY

Application security comes in all shapes and sizes…it’s industry specific. Ensure your SaaS product complies with the unique regulatory and development standards of the industries you serve with help from SynerComm.

Other Industries Served

From maximizing the performance of manufacturers’ networks to ensuring the safety and privacy of students on a University campus, our work spans the private and public sectors across all industries.

“SynerComm Customer Briefing facilities are utilized to assist our company in making well-informed technology decisions that have made a significant impact on our business.”

– Bob Lynch, Manager Internet Services, Navistar, Inc.

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