Network Security Engineering

An Offensive & Defensive Approach to IT Security

Basic blocking and tackling skills. Many organizations lack them. At SynerComm, we know it’s a never-ending season with IT security. Amazingly enough, for as far as we’ve come as an industry, we still have to ask: Do you know where your assets are? Do you understand your points of exposure? Have you checked the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Best Practices off your to-do list? Our DeliverIT team understands that achieving IT security isn’t a one-time event, it’s a never-ending training camp designed to build both your offensive and defensive skills like:

  • Practical application of security frameworks and best practices with OneSSP™
  • Application load testing
  • Enterprise level authentication programs
  • Malware prevention and detection
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Data governance and forensics
  • Email encryption and gateway
  • Network access control and monitoring

Keep your head in the game and don’t be distracted by all the flashy, blinky bells and whistles. They come out every day in the form of new firewalls, encryption protocols, threat protection, and detection tools. We will help you interpret them and benchmark them against compliance standards.

Let’s build a playbook for IT security together.

Integrated Solutions & Historical Context to Our Work

DeliverIT Brings You IT Security Benefits

Solutions Integration

As a solutions integrator for some of the world’s leading IT security products, we have positioned ourselves as a value-added product reseller. While others simply fill the role of a box pusher, we push the limits when it comes to designing and integrating solutions for your business.

Information Assurance Partnership

Having a division dedicated to Information Assurance has strengthened DeliverIT’s position to provide the best in IT security. From auditing our own work to implementing team-wide learning sessions, we not only work well with our partners at Assure IT, we lean on the “other side of the house” to validate and improve upon our work.

Managed Service Offering

Security doesn’t always take the shape of a well-scoped project. Often times, an incremental, managed service approach to improving your security posture is the best methodology. Our Managed Service offering allows you to make progress over time, continually enhancing and protecting your business.

Historical Context

Security firms are popping up all around, but SynerComm brings historical context to the industry. From our roots in distributed computing and dial-up, we’ve built extensive historical context around how technology evolves. When it comes to IT security, this positions us well to predict future needs, while maintaining today’s highest standards.
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