Secure Software Development

Building Cultural Excellence

Software development, testing, deployment, and security were often treated as specialized skill sets in past decades. With the advent of modern tooling and processes, these skill sets are merging into a singular practice that produces higher quality products, faster than ever. Help your teams unify and modernize into a well-rounded DevSecOps practice with our experience in the following areas:

  • Software project management
  • Software security maturity aligned with the BSIMM framework
  • Security tooling such as static and dynamic code analysis solutions
  • Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) design
  • Systems orchestration and automation
  • Monitoring and infrastructure

Whether you are hoping to enhance your production releases or improving your focus on testing and automation, the DeliverIT team can help you through this transformation, truly changing your approach to business.

Best practices, shared philosophies, achieved success.

Continue to Thrive in a Changing World

Growing DevSecOps with DeliverIT

Building Shared Mindsets

Developers and operations folks often talk different languages, making culture-focused efforts futile. By building a shared language and providing toolchains for communication, DeliverIT can help engage both sides of your house in an integrated, shared mindset focused on the big picture goals of your organization.

Increased Efficiency & Throughput

From reducing your time to market to improving product quality, we can help your team build reliability, efficiency, and ability through our DevOps experience. Through fast experimentation, testing, and automation, we’ll lead you to an agile approach for development and operations.

A Framework for Success

When considering “What should we be doing to secure our software?”, SynerComm advocates a bottom-up approach to software security. Aligning your business with the BSIMM framework, let us guide you with a roadmap of incremental, industry-standard SDLC security practices. With this roadmap, your teams can take a practical, secure-by-design approach to mature your software security from within.

The Right Tool for the Job

An increased focus on the DevOps toolchain is an appropriate business response, but at DeliverIT we believe that having the right tool is better than a toolbox full of implementations you will never use. From collaboration and planning tools to monitoring, automated testing, and deployment systems, we can help you select and implement the best tool for the job.

Traditional DevOps programs focus on design, testing, and deployment, but at SynerComm we know that a leading platform requires a leading security strategy. A true partner should not just help you guide your processes, but continually surround your development process with security discussions and user experience opportunities, uncovering answers to key questions like:

  • Are you asking the right questions to truly understand the needs of your users?
  • Is your application scalable, agile, and future proof?
  • Does your process include a plan for backup, analytics, and performance testing?
  • Can your application hyperscale and handle spikes in traffic, withstanding even the toughest hackathons?

Develop your DevOps Team with Help from SynerComm