Technical Project Management

The Business of Technology

Project management isn’t a Gantt chart or a canned spreadsheet full of information, it’s ongoing diligence, communication, and troubleshooting prowess that leads to success. As you look toward the next major initiative in your organization, do you have a leader who can think in terms of milestones, issues, and decisions? Has your technology vendor simply fulfilled the role of box pusher but not solutions provider? At DeliverIT, we bring business project and program management experience across:

  • Deployment of new solutions
  • Development and execution of Plans of Action and Milestones (POAM)
  • Phased implementation projects
  • New facility construction or expansion
  • Business relocation planning
  • IT Department restructuring or re-engineering
  • Traditional Waterfall approaches
  • Lean or agile project management and product development
  • Applications launch

Be it a small-scale need or a long-term engagement requiring dedicated, onsite staff augmentation, call on DeliverIT’s team of project managers. And when it comes to larger scale program management, we can help you develop a plan of action for personal management, product lines, and cost savings initiatives across your organization.

Develop an action plan for project success…

Rooted in Communication

The DeliverIT approach to Project Management

Dedicated Project Manager

Oftentimes, network engineers and systems administrators are asked to fulfill the role of project manager, but it takes an entirely different skill set to manage a technology project than it does to deploy it. From developing project methodologies to maintaining consistent communication channels, our dedicated project managers bring people, product, and process together for the success of your project.

Project Dashboards

If the devil is in the details, data must be boiled down and interpreted in a way that is easy to consume: informative and business oriented. Our project management approach includes developing dashboards that provide a high-level health check throughout implementation, allowing for project visibility and reporting across all levels of your organization.

Milestone Reporting

Large projects can span the course of months, quarters or even years, which is why having a POAM is critical. By breaking your project into meaningful milestones and continuously communicating on their status, we can help you on your path to incremental success, despite changes in technology, leadership, and your workforce.

Post-Project Health Checks

While some providers plug it in and leave, we know that a solution isn’t truly in place until it is implemented, tested, and adopted by your workforce. Our success hinges on the long-term, which is why our work includes regular health checks and assessments of previous implementations to ensure their usability and suitability for your business.
Project Management Model

Communication. Budgeting. Scheduling. Time Management. Those are the foundational principles of project management. At SynerComm, we know that while these are important, bringing strategic thought leadership to the table is what truly drives project success. As thought leaders, we will help manage your technology or security project by asking:

  • Are the goals, outcomes, and deliverables of your project clearly defined?
  • Does your organization have the bandwidth and expertise necessary for successful implementation?
  • Can you predict the pitfalls that you might encounter along the way?
  • Where will you store critical project information, who will have access to it, and how will it be delivered?
  • Are there related projects or processes that might be impacted?
  • How will you communicate with and prepare the organization before any implementations?
  • How will you confirm deliverables are acceptable and institutionalize products into full production?

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