Network Engineering & Cybersecurity Services


Achieve your goals while protecting the very assets that enable business success. As a solutions-focused technology partner, our network engineering and cybersecurity services are designed to solve the complex, technical, and ever-changing needs of your business, helping you to:

  • Plan strategically for growth
  • Leverage new technologies
  • Better serve your customers
  • Protect your critical data
  • Supplement your workforce
  • Strengthen your security posture

Plan. Do. Check. Act. Our AssureIT and DeliverIT teams work hand-in-hand to build strong strategies, implement solutions, validate those solutions, and then adjust as needed. By bringing both an offensive and defensive approach, we establish checks and balances for your organization. In addition, our customer success team provides communication, planning, and project management each step of the way.

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How is SynerComm Making a Difference?

Our Information Security Capabilities

Information security driven by business goals. Innovation rooted in maturity. A balance between risk and culture. Often these things are at odds with each other, but at SynerComm we believe that the key to success is for them to align.

As your partner, we bring metrics, accountability, and an independent third party perspective to your project. We help you build, improve, and mature your Information Security Program as cost effectively as possible, using decades of “what works” and “what doesn’t work” experience. We align your Information Security Program with your business environment, risk, and culture, while holding ourselves and your team accountable for results.

Risk Assessors, Network Engineers, Architects, Compliance Auditors, Program Managers, Technical Project Managers, Penetration Testers, Security and Solutions Engineers, and much more…we fulfill as many or as few of these roles as needed for our clients to achieve success.

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Information Assurance Services

Our Information Assurance Professional Services provide validation and risk analysis for all aspects of your information security program and compliance needs including:

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Information Technology Services

Our engineers and architects bring the best of today’s industry-leading cloud, network, and security infrastructure solutions and services to our enterprise and service provider clients including:

Key Industry Experience

HIPAA. PCI. NIST. CIS. GLBA. The business of technology comes with its own language – one that has new words and acronyms added every minute. Building our knowledge since 1989, our team not only knows technology, but is also well-versed in the unique needs, compliance requirements, and terminology of each industry we serve.

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