Are we prepared?

Jeff Lemmermann

Risks and Considerations for IT: A Pandemic

What can IT do to prepare?

We all know the stats of the Coronavirus, although they are changing by the minute. We know what to do personally and for our families but what about for our Company?

Many customers do have Business Continuity Plans or Enterprise Risk management plans, but do they include plans for a Pandemic such as this?

A few things to consider:

  1. Remote access for employees. Can employees continue their normal work from home? Phones for customer calls? Do you have enough licenses to support large numbers of SSL VPN connections?
  2. Customer & vendor meetings. Many companies have started to stop all onsite meetings to protect their employees. This is where collaboration software is king. Do you have enough licenses for GoToMeetings, Zoom, or others?
  3. Communications plans. (Pre and Post Pandemic) Is there effective means to communicate with employees should the business (or schools) require to close its doors? Email, mobile phones, Teams, etc?
  4. Insurance. Many corporate insurances plans (Business interruption clauses) have Pandemic inclusions…. does yours? Maybe dust it off and know your coverage.
  5. Travel Insurance. Even if your company has not issued a stop on travel many other companies have. Can existing travel plans be changed without forfeiture or fees?

Just a few things to think about for your best practice preparedness plans.

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