People are People, but Where Can You Find Them When You Need Them?

Marc Spindt

Before the current pandemic response, it was hard to find qualified IT infrastructure and security people. Now it can feel next to impossible.

When I asked my peers to review this post, here is a summary of the message that came back:  Too “salesy,” Marc.  As I read through the draft again, I think they may be right.  I do share how SynerComm helps companies who are facing the challenge of being short-staffed in IT.  As I talk with my friends and colleagues in every industry, I believe that most companies today, from the largest to the smallest, experience that challenge.  We at SynerComm help companies successfully overcome that challenge every day, and so I suppose I suffer from the old adage: “to a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

While SynerComm heavily invests in facilitating the free exchange of information (e.g. this blog site, annual IT Summit events, free best practice and strategy analyses), sometimes you just need skilled, innovative expertise to solve nagging problems or to just get the job done.  If that is not you right now, I invite you to join us at our many information-exchange events, and be sure to save the date for our next IT Summit on September 16 and 17, 2020... oh, and you should probably stop reading now too. If, on the other hand, you would like to read about how other companies are overcoming their staffing challenges, please read on.

Many organizations are struggling to plan, build, implement, and support wide-scale remote access in support of social distancing and isolation.  These projects are urgent and vital, but they are not your only projects planned or in flight.  You are still researching new and more efficient business solutions, developing new revenue-generating applications, and building out more revenue-supporting capacity.  On top of that, you are continuously and simultaneously operating, administering, maintaining, supporting, and securing everything that is already in production! 

Before the current reality of rapidly implementing solutions that support “social distancing” and “self-isolation,” IT organizations were overloaded; do we stand a chance today?  Failure is not an option, and we can all use some help now and then; many organizations need help right now!  SynerComm has a long history of partnering with customers to overcome these challenges.  Unlike traditional Staff Augmentation, where you get one person, full-time, for some number of months, SynerComm offers a refreshing alternative:  FlexIT

With FlexIT, you get a pool of hours from SynerComm that provides primary highly qualified, full-time resources who are backed up and augmented by secondary highly skilled resources as needed.  FlexIT ensures that your projects and support demands are met, even in the face of PTO, unexpected illnesses, and demand bursts.  When the project completes, or the need for support subsides, the “flex” in FlexIT kicks in again:  you terminate the engagement when the time is right for you.  When and if you need more help, SynerComm will be there for you.

Our customers leverage FlexIT to build out network and security infrastructure (on-premises and in the cloud, complex and simple, large and small).  They use FlexIT to implement and validate security controls, including SIEM, Endpoint Detection & Response, Secure Anywhere Access, and Identity & Access Management.  SynerComm’s customers benefit from FlexIT to build information security programs and validate the effectiveness of deployed controls.  Perhaps most importantly, our customers have relied on FlexIT to ensure Continuity of Operations when faced with the short or long-term loss of critical staff.

Let’s face it, the fact is that you do not always need a full complement of IT solutions and security architects, consultants, and engineers.  However, occasionally everyone needs a little help.  When those needs arise, when failure is not an option, call SynerComm.  We can match you up with the right FlexIT team from among our diverse and experienced technology and security experts, and for exactly as long as you need.  SynerComm can also assist you with flexible, part-time ongoing administration and maintenance support, and even with finding full-time employees.  We love being part of the solution for our customers, turning seemingly insurmountable problems into wild successes!

Are you ready to start your technology journey? The friendly experts at SynerComm are here to help.

From design to deployment to troubleshooting and everything in between, the friendly experts at SynerComm are always here to help.
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