Vendors Stepping Up in a Time of Need

Bill Kiley

*Offers updated on March 26, 2020

Most enterprises are getting slammed with employees working from home. Most of us designed our remote user VPN’s for the occasional "snow day" ...right. Now we have an entire workforce, working from home full time for weeks…maybe months …oh yeah, and using a full suite of applications including voice… crazy. No really!

Many of you have contacted SynerComm to get additional VPN licenses/concentrators, endpoint security controls, and help designing and spinning up "new ways" to get employees connected securely. During these crazy times some of our vendors are stepping up and trying to make a difference.

To help you we would like to share a few solutions/offers from our vendors:

Palo Alto NetworksFree 90-day GlobalProtect VPN subscription license for mobile devices like iPads, etc. (Other GP is already free)Customer logins into their own support portal and select trial licenses
Pulse SecureFlexible Pulse Connect Secure licensingValid through May 31st
CrowdStrikeSurge relief for 60 days (existing customers)
CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent home use licenses
Expiration TBD
SentinelOneFree trials:

SentinelOne Core: AI-powered prevention, detection, and automated response in a single, autonomous lightweight agent; legacy antivirus replacement across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems with no connectivity or network dependency.

Deployment services: remote deployment assistance to ensure rapid installation and customized configuration
Offer expires May 16th
ArmorbloxNo charge offer to help businesses with 100+ employees during these challenging times.Expiration TBD
Extreme NetworksWork from Home bundle discount Extreme Networks and Tech Data have created a Portable Branch Office Kit to enable your customers to connect, secure, and manage remote sites and remote workers quickly and easily. Combining SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, and cloud management into an easy to deploy, plug and play solution, this kit offer delivers the ability to provide an enterprise-class experience for all connected users, regardless of where they reside.Discounted
LastlineLastline Analyst at no cost for 90 days to organizations with 500+ employees.Offer expires June 30, 2020
ProofpointFree trial - Scalable secure access for increasing your mobile workforce.Offer expires September 30, 2020
UBIQFree trial to Trusted File ManagerOffer expires June 20, 2020

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Have questions or want some guidance with taking advantage of these vendor offers?

Are you ready to start your technology journey? The friendly experts at SynerComm are here to help.

From design to deployment to troubleshooting and everything in between, the friendly experts at SynerComm are always here to help.
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