What Makes a Champion DNS Security Solution?


In boxing, the attributes that make up a champion are universally understood. A swift jab, a bone-crunching cross, and agile footwork are all important. However, true champions like Robinson, Ali, and Leonard knew how to defend against incoming attacks and avoid unnecessary punishment at all costs.

The same is true for a champion DNS security solution––it should help you avoid unnecessary breaches, protect against incoming attacks, and keep your data and systems safe at all costs. Your solution must not only be able to deliver content quickly and efficiently, but also protect against all types of incoming threats. It must be able to defend against DDoS attacks, data leaks, and new malicious offensive strategies.

Attributes of a Champion DNS Security Solution

When a boxing champion is able to avoid getting hit and can develop a shield against blows, they stay in the ring longer and are more likely to succeed. Again, the same is true for your business when it comes to developing a champion DNS security solution. Here are some of the features and attributes your DNS security solution should have:

Improved Security ROI

A champion solution will increase the return on investment from your other security investments. It will also, without requiring additional effort from you or a third party, secure every connection over physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

Comprehensive Defense

A champion solution provides comprehensive defense using the existing infrastructure that runs your business—including DNS and other core network services.  BloxOne Threat Defense, for example, maximizes brand protection by securing your existing networks and digital imperatives like SD-WAN, IoT, and the cloud.

Powers & Optimizes SOAR Solutions

SOAR, (security orchestration, automation, and response) solutions help you work smarter by automating the investigation and response to security events. A champion DNS solution will integrate with your SOAR platform to help improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Scalability and Seamless Integration

A champion solution will integrate easily into your current environment and scale seamlessly as your business grows. It should require no new hardware, or degrade the performance of any existing network services.

Most importantly, a champion DNS security solution must be able to defend against any potential incoming threats. It must be able to defend against DDoS attacks, data leaks, and other malicious threats

BloxOne Threat Defense

BloxOne Threat Defense is a comprehensive, cloud-native security solution that meets all of the criteria, and more. It offers industry-leading features such as DNS firewalling, DDoS protection, and data leak prevention. BloxOne Threat Defense is easily scalable, integrates seamlessly with existing SOAR solutions, and maximizes ROI from your other security investments.

Don't leave your business unprotected against the ever-evolving landscape of DNS threats. A good offensive recovery is useful, but an adaptable defensive strategy is what separates a true DNS security champion from the rest.

To learn more about how BloxOne Threat Defense can help you defend against incoming threats, contact us today and book a free trial today!

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