Continuous Attack Surface Management

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Could cyber-criminals know 
more about your attack 
surface than you?

Our CASM Engine® automatically and continually discovers ALL of your external assets, not just the ones you are aware of. Know your true attack surface, so you can ensure it's properly secured.

Find out what you may be missing and where you could be vulnerable.


SynerComm’s Continuous Attack Surface Management (CASM®) platform was built by penetration testers to scour the internet looking for your exposed services and systems. Initially built for pentest reconnaissance, we’ve aggregated online data sources, licensed commercial tools, and developed dozens of our own homebuilt scanners for everything else. Many well-known free and open source tools are plagued with bugs and inaccuracies. The CASM Engine® was designed to accurately discover and monitor public attack surfaces by combining hundreds of useful data sources into a normalized and easy to query Dashboard.



SynerComm’s CASM Engine® platform typically finds 20-100% more assets than our clients were aware of and managing. 

Unmanaged systems often become more vulnerable over time.

Attackers are continually scanning the internet for both known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Companies heavily leveraging the cloud have up to 5x more change than traditional on-premise data center environments.

Let’s face it, vulnerability scanning MSSPs have always failed to deliver value. It’s still your responsibility to figure out what’s in scope and all you get back is an automated report. It’s time to replace these low-value services with a solution that does more than just tell you what you already know. Schedule a demo with us today to see what your scans are missing.

As companies grow, so do their assets. This means more information, more data, and more computing systems. Pair that with the proliferation of cloud compute, cloud storage, and software as a service (SaaS) and it becomes easy for organizations to lose track of their systems. The unfortunate reality is that many external systems are not being inventoried, managed, or secured and that leaves your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It’s time to know more about your systems and weaknesses than your attackers.

Scanners continually scour the internet looking for new services and changes to existing ones.

Replace managed vulnerability scanning services and take advantage of automated discovery.

SynerComm’s CASM® subscribers immediately benefit from our 100% automated discovery. It’s common for unknown and unmanaged systems to be discovered within the first few minutes of enrollment. Once discovered, each asset is monitored for changes and regularly probed for vulnerabilities. In addition to SynerComm’s dozens of homebuilt scanners, each asset is scanned weekly with Nessus Professional. With SynerComm’s “findings-based reporting”, our experienced team of penetration testers will ensure that we only alert you when there need for concern. Everything else we collect is made accessible through our easy to use and query Dashboard. 

Stop wasting money with outdated MSSPs that report false positives and lack discovery. SynerComm’s CASM® subscription provides piece of mind that from knowing all of your systems, exposures and vulnerabilities.