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The Benefits of Continuous Penetration Testing

With more precise data, you can fulfill your compliance requirements and get a higher return on investment.

Extend Coverage and Fill Gaps

Monitor your network and external systems between tests to make sure your assets are always protected.

Automated Daily/Hourly Tests

Frequency is key to catching vulnerabilities before they're exploited. SynerComm’s penetration testers have automated all the tools that are safe to run unattended and tuned them to minimize impact.

Pentest Playbooks

Each month, talented pen testers run manual tests to check for common and late-breaking vulnerabilities. For everything that can't (or shouldn’t be) automated, SynerComm’s Pentest Playbooks have you covered.

Mutual Benefit

Take advantage of "herd immunity". When a new vulnerability is discovered in one client’s network, all other Continuous Penetration Test subscribers are tested to ensure that they are safe.

Actionable Reporting

Get alerted the second an exploitable vulnerability is detected and never worry about false-positives.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Quickly validate the mitigation/remediation of previously reported vulnerabilities. All retesting is included while under a CPT Subscription.

Automate Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Automate what machines do best, and rely on expert testers for everything else.

Powered by CASM®

Combine traditional vulnerability scanning along with machine learning and automatic discovery to proactively search for weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

Why choose SynerComm?

SynerComm created CASM® to provide a complete solution for all your external assessment and monitoring needs. 

CASM (Continuous Attack Surface Management) is an AI-driven assessment platform that integrates seamlessly with your workflows to provide comprehensive data, analysis, and reporting. 

Combining CASM with CPT provides continuous monitoring and penetration testing coverage, as well as the following benefits: 

Expert Information Assurance Consultants 

The SynerComm team includes OSCP and CISSP Certified consultants. 

Multiple Testing Tactics 

From social engineering to SQL injection and IoT/controller/hardware testing, SynerComm’s arsenal of testing tactics evolves as quickly as the landscape of network security. 

Clear and Actionable Reporting 

From executive summaries to prioritized risk-based action plans, easily turn SynerComm’s recommendations and findings into measurable improvements. 

Continuous Penetration Testing FAQs

1) How does continuous penetration testing work?

CPT works by having penetration testers regularly inspect public-facing cyber assets and notifying subscribers about actionable findings.  

Our Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT) services begin with a rigorous upfront pentest. Once we’ve established a baseline and reported all current vulnerabilities, CPT begins.   

Through a mix of automation, human/pentester-led playbooks, and event-driven responses, CPT ensures you know your vulnerabilities and risks before your attackers do.   

CPT subscribers also get access to SynerComm’s CASM platform. CASM supports all of SynerComm’s automated CPT processes and provides an intuitive user interface for detailed information about your assets and their risks. CASM is also the administration and reporting platform to manage your CPT subscription. 

2) What are the main benefits of continuous penetration testing?

Vulnerabilities and threats are changing every day, but most assessments and penetration tests are only performed annually.  CASM provides continuous monitoring 24/7/365 and continually adapts to the latest threats.  

There are dozens of pentesting activities like password spraying that need to be performed multiple times throughout the year. Annual pentesting is no longer sufficient.   

Most point-in-time pentests are performed by a single pentester. SynerComm’s Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT) guarantees that you get a whole team of pentesters.

Unlimited retesting ensures that your mitigation efforts are validated quickly. You’ll always know where you stand with CPT.

3) What tools and technologies are used in continuous penetration testing?

This is one of our favorite questions because we’re always explaining how tools are only as good as the pentester who’s using them. 

The automated components of SynerComm’s Continuous Penetration Test (CPT) services come from CASM®. CASM is our trademarked attack surface management platform and our pentesters have built CASM Engine scanners for dozens of specific penetration tests.  

In addition to CASM’s automation, additional pentesting “tools” are manually run each month by SynerComm’s penetration testers. Pentest Playbooks ensure that you get ongoing testing from experienced pentesters.  

Other tools include port scanning, asset discovery, and the scraping & analysis of SSL certificates, web apps, banners, and DNS records. 

4) How is CPT different from traditional penetration testing?

Frequency. CPT offers a year-round reaction to attack surface events (new assets and changes to existing assets) that provides a faster reaction time to exposures.

5) What are some best practices for continuous penetration testing?

  • Automate everything you can (safely)  
  • Use experienced pentesters to perform a thorough initial/baseline pentest  
  • Monitor previously tested systems for changes and new vulnerabilities  
  • Continually discover new assets and immediately start monitoring and testing them  
  • Quickly test for late-breaking attacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits  
  • Alert on and track exploitable vulnerabilities  
  • Provide customer access to all pentest data collected  
  • Integrate into existing workflows (API, etc)

6) How can I ensure my continuous penetration testing program is effective?

Volume and quality of findings is the most obvious measure, but subscribers should also measure effectiveness based on the reassurance factor. The service's on-demand dashboards show real-time results, notifications show the effectiveness of change detection, and regular reporting to reassure subscribers that their assets are being continuously monitored. 


7) What compliance standards does CPT adhere to?

CPT adheres to best practices outlined in OWASP Top 10 and BSIMM. 


8) What are the risks of not implementing CPT?

The greatest risks of not implementing Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT) are time-based. Once a vulnerability exists, there could be a race to correct it before it’s discovered and exploited by a hacker. When it comes to covering your assets, CPT ensures you know your risks before the criminals do.

9) What resources do I need for CPT?

CPT is agentless, unlike some other solutions!

Our client's resource needs are typically split across three processes. Initial pentest, responding to initial findings, and monitoring and investigation. In general, you'll need a web browser and at least 1 person to receive notifications, generate reports, and analyze data if they wish.

10) How do I get started with continuous penetration testing?

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Powered by CASM®

With our Continuous Attack Surface Management platform supporting our experienced team of penetration testers, you'll always know what’s vulnerable and what’s exploitable.  

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Security requires constant vigilance. Our CASM Engine® gives you the tools and knowledge you need to stay one step ahead of your adversaries.

When it comes to security, knowing is half the battle. Our CASM Engine® uses vulnerability analysis and human-led penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities before they can be used against you.
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