A penetration test is a simulation of a targeted and determined attack. You need a partner who can defend your network.

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)
Powered by CASM and CPT

Penetration (pen) testing as a service and continuous penetration testing allow the experts to stress test your security posture by proactively hunting for vulnerabilities and identifying potential issues. However, any pentest is only as good as the partner administering it. You need a partner that is thorough and ruthless so you can get the information you need to ensure your network is safe and secure.

Looking to take your security to the next level? Pairing continuous penetration testing with our CASM Engine®  can help.



All our consultants are experts in their field, capable of putting your security defenses through their paces. Their sound, unbiased, expert advice means you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned.


Sometimes all criminals need to gain unauthorized access to critical infrastructure and sensitive data is to ask nicely. AssureIT social engineering engagement allows us to identify your human weaknesses and measure your ability to detect and respond to internal threats quickly and effectively.


Apps and other third-party software can pose a risk to your security posture. Just because you’ve designed with security in mind doesn’t mean every app developer or software company you rely on has been as studious. Our team of experts will review your third-party apps and software to make sure they aren’t leaving your network vulnerable.

PenTester Validated Reporting

Identifying gaps is only useful if you can take that data and make it actionable. To help you prioritize remediation efforts and investments, our reports deliver what matters most without any useless filler. From executive summaries to prioritized risk-based action plans, we make it easy for your team to turn our recommendations into actions.


When it comes to penetration testing, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. You need tests that are as unique as your business.

To help us create penetration tests that give you the valuable insight you need, we work with your team to identify your key penetration testing components so we can design a protocol based on your needs. Whether you opt for a one-time test or continuous penetration testing, our team is here to give you the information and insight you need to keep your data and network safe.

SynerComm PTaaS tests the limits of your systems and people, so your team can detect, contain, and stop potential threats.

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Certified professionals

SynerComm only employs highly trained and certified professionals

All our security experts are just that: experts. Our highly-trained, fully certified professionals are giants in their field and fully up to date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
OSCP Certified


CISSP Certified

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Penetration testing is key to identifying vulnerabilities in your network as well as shortcomings in your security posture. By testing the limits of your system and your team, you gain the knowledge you need to detect, contain, and stop potential threats.

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