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Brian Judd

I can remember it like it was yesterday...  Casey, Hans, Jason, Scott, Sam, Bill and I were slowly destroying my hotel suite at Circle City Con while trying to win the 2015 CTF. (We took 2nd place and never got our GoPro prize... still sour, can you tell?)  Amongst all the teams’ brilliant ideas that evening, was that we really needed a blog. A few hours later, #_shellntel was born.

Our intent was (and still is) to focus on pentesting, hacking and offensive security; we feared that some articles may be too edgy for some corporate/professional readers. Therefore, we separated our #_shellntel articles from other SynerComm blogs. Over the past 7 years, things have changed and today everyone loves pentester articles.

We are grateful for the loyal support of our #_shellntel readers throughout the years. Please continue to read about the latest IT news, tech trends, and cybersecurity threats on our new blog at or link directly to our #_shellntel articles at All of our existing content was moved, and all new articles will be published here going forward.

Thank you always,

Brian Judd, VP Information Assurance

SynerComm, Inc.

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