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SynerComm’s CASM (continuous attack surface management) Engine® platform uses vulnerability analysis and human-led penetration testing to proactively search for vulnerabilities in your attack surface. Any vulnerabilities that are discovered are documented and forwarded to your team, along with our mitigation and remediation suggestions.

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Penetration (pen) testing and continuous penetration testing allow the experts to stress test your security posture. By proactively hunting for vulnerabilities and identifying potential issues. However, any pen test is only as good as the partner administering it. You need a partner that is thorough and ruthless so you can get the information you need to ensure your network is safe and secure.

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You’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your cybersecurity posture, but how do you know your efforts will be enough to protect you during an attack? During an adversary simulation, one of our experts will sit alongside your team and launch a real but non-malicious attack, giving your team the chance to put their cybersecurity skills and your current defenses to the test.
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Our audits go beyond simple compliance: Our broad audit path and comprehensive reports provide you with both a fresh perspective and a detailed roadmap so you can improve your business practices, fortify your cybersecurity posture, and invest in your business’s future.
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Whether you’ve created your web app in-house or contracted custom development, you can never assume any application has been built with security in mind. Our AssureIT team can offer a fresh perspective, ensuring your app meets your high standards and has the security features you need to keep your business, and your customers, safe.
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Are you ready to start your technology journey? The friendly experts at SynerComm are here to help.

From design to deployment to troubleshooting and everything in between, the friendly experts at SynerComm are always here to help.
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