Future Proof Your Network
with an Infrastructure Refresh

Infrastructure Refresh


An Infrastructure Refresh is the process of upgrading or replacing existing IT infrastructure, including hardware and software components, to improve performance, security, and efficiency.

Our Approach to Infrastructure Refresh

Every good plan is built on a foundation of data. To help you get a solid handle on your current IT infrastructure, our team of experienced network engineers will sit down and interview all relevant stakeholders within your organization so we can determine what is and isn’t working well for your team and gain valuable user feedback.

Day 0: Design

Expert Consultation and Planning

Day 1: Deploy

Implementing New Software and Hardware

Day 2: Operate

Post-Depoloyment Support and Maintenance

Our skilled network engineers collaborate with your organization's stakeholders to collect user feedback and data about your existing IT infrastructure, regardless of whether you are considering a complete overhaul or automation project. By partnering with us and our reputable partners, you can benefit from reliable software and hardware products while leveraging SynerComm's planning, implementation, and support expertise. Our cost-effective and comprehensive solution ensures that you achieve your goals, whether you are looking to automate processes or update your infrastructure.

Request a Consultation

Let’s talk about how we can support you in a future-proof Infrastructure Refresh


An Infrastructure Refresh is the process that involved assessing your current IT solution with an eye for upgrading or replacing your existing, outdated infrastructure. This process typically involves replacing both hardware and software components with the goal of improving security, performance and efficiency.
Regular Infrastructure Refreshes help organizations ensure their IT infrastructure remains up-to-date and secure, as well as improve performance, scalability, and efficiency. Infrastructure Refreshes can also help organizations save money by reducing energy costs.
Infrastructure Refreshes offer a variety of benefits, including improved performance, improved cybersecurity, reduced costs, and scalability and flexibility.
While all components of your current solution should be reviewed, typical components targeted for refreshing include servers, storage systems, networking equipment, and cybersecurity solutions.
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