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People are People, but Where Can You Find Them When You Need Them?

Before the current pandemic response, it was hard to find qualified IT infrastructure and security people. Now it can feel next to impossible. When I asked my peers to review this post, here is a summary of the message that came back:  Too “salesy,” Marc.  As I read through the draft again, I think they […]

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Vendors Stepping Up in a Time of Need

*Offers updated on March 26, 2020 Most enterprises are getting slammed with employees working from home. Most of us designed our remote user VPN’s for the occasional "snow day" ...right. Now we have an entire workforce, working from home full time for weeks…maybe months …oh yeah, and using a full suite of applications including voice… […]

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Remote Access Rush

Practicing good remote access hygiene in times of uncertainty As the business world reacts to the current health crisis, companies are offering remote access to any role that can work from home. Taking a cue from the changing environment, cyber-criminals are already taking advantage. Already (03/15/2020) the US Health and Human Services Department suffered a […]

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Are we prepared?

Risks and Considerations for IT: A Pandemic

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Stop Sharing Your Password with Everyone

Risks and Considerations for Using Palo Alto’s User-ID

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

From a quick assessment on what has been published thus far on the CMMC regulation and its overall goal, it appears that contractors lack of information security will no longer be tolerated by the DoD. Beginning with the introduction of the new regulation to the public in January of 2020, it is expected that new […]

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