The SynerComm Journey


SynerComm is Born

As any technology company can attest, the journey is frequently long, winding, and full of surprises. When Mark Sollazo, our President and CEO, and Kirk Hanratty, our VP and CTO, started SynerComm's journey in 1989, our goal was to help customers leverage the hottest new technologies on the market: PC LAN and WAN connectivity.


The Dial-Up Era

As the 1990s progressed, we turned our attention to routers, ethernet switching, and dial-up remote access. Though those technologies may seem outdated now, at the time, they were revolutionary, and our team was determined to help our customers use these new technologies effectively.


SynerComm Expands into Security

As the internet entered the mainstream, companies of all sizes sought experts who could keep them safe as they leveraged this new and exciting technology. That's why in 1999, the SynerComm team decided to focus some of our efforts on the emerging market of enterprise network security. To do this, we split into two teams: DeliverIT remained focused on IT infrastructure while our new AssureIT team dedicated themselves to cybersecurity.


An IT Center of Excellence

Today, SynerComm has become a widely recognized IT center of excellence, serving customers as they journey towards security and compliance by helping them design, deploy, and maintain secure IT infrastructure. Each solution is tailored to the client's unique needs, so you know you're getting the solution that is best for you, not our bottom line.

Our two divisions (AssureIT and DeliverIT) work together to support our customers on their IT and security journeys:


Our informational Assurance Professional Services are here to provide validation and risk analyses for all aspects of your information security program. By carefully considering physical, technical, and operational threats and vulnerabilities that could compromise your business and key data, this team will create a robust, yet flexible cybersecurity policy designed to safeguard your digital assets. Once your policy is in place, our team will use penetration testing and other methodologies to validate your controls and ensure your security program is able to prevent, detect, and swiftly respond to common threats.


Our DeliverIT team pays homage to our roots, offering the best of today's industry-leading cloud, network, and security infrastructure solutions and services to both our enterprise and service provider clients. All of our solutions, tools, and lifecycle services are designed to complement and support your unique IT organizational, architectural, and operational needs.

While dial-up internet may no longer be cutting-edge technology, our commitment to our customers remains evergreen. Every day, we strive to be a trusted advisor and preferred IT solutions provider that contributes to our client's businesses and their success by helping them achieve their goals, fulfill their infrastructure needs, and overcome their IT and security challenges.  

Where will your technology journey take you?

We don’t know what the technologies of tomorrow will be, but whatever they are, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.
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