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SynerComm’s CASM® (continuous attack surface management) combines traditional vulnerability scanning along with machine learning and automatic discovery to proactively search for weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. Experience a unified solution that solves your asset inventory, vulnerability management, attack surface management, compliance needs, and more. Synercom's CASM Engine® was designed to accurately discover and monitor public attack surfaces by combining dozens of useful penetration testing tools and data sources into a normalized and easy to query dashboard.

What Can CASM®  Do for You?


Our CASM Engine does more than just actively search for vulnerabilities. It also gives you and your team an accurate inventory of your digital assets. On average, CASM uncovers 75% more assets than most organizations are tracking.


We designed CASM as a SaaS platform that can be completely hands-off, while still providing multiple user types with the most detailed and accurate attack surface reporting available today.


Attackers constantly scan the internet for known and unknown vulnerabilities and they’re looking for ways to exploit them. To gain access to your network, an attacker only needs to be right once. To safeguard your digital assets, you need a plan in place to defend against all attack types.


You can’t defend what you can’t see. SynerComm’s CASM Engine® scours the Internet to discover new systems and services ensuring that you always have an accurate inventory of assets.


Managing risk just got a whole lot easier. CASM uses "Findings” to alert and report important vulnerabilities that require prompt action. Findings are verified by SynerComm’s penetration testers eliminating false-positives. For everything else that creates risk, CASM provides intuitive dashboards that drill-down from broad categories to detailed data on every asset tracked. Risk managers, security operations teams, vulnerability managers and even auditors all benefit from CASM’s actionable and accurate reporting.


In today’s world, data breaches are becoming more common and sophisticated. Keep your data safe by planning today for inevitable attacks tomorrow. 

Here's how SynerComm's CASM solution is different: 

  • Always Accurate Inventory (Continuous Discovery) 
  • Validated Vulnerability Findings (No False Positives) 
  • Risk Scoring 
  • Prioritized Remediation 
  • Unlimited Retesting 
  • Designed to Support Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Designed and Managed by Penetration Testers 

For even more protection, you can choose to pair CASM’s 24/7 monitoring with Synercomm's best-in-class penetration testing to achieve Continuous Penetration Testing. 


1) What is Continuous Attack Surface Management?  

To define CASM, we should first agree on what we mean by an “attack surface”. In its broadest meaning, it’s everything that could create or allow risk to an organization. Continuous Attack Surface Management, or CASM, is all about orchestrating and automating numerous critical security processes to significantly reduce the time to detect and respond to risks.

To be effective, a CASM solution must automatically discover assets, intelligently assess risks, remain accurate and up-to-date, and reduce or eliminate the human effort needed to measure and report risk. SynerComm’s CASM® platform is a SaaS solution providing complete external risk and vulnerability management. Designed by penetration testers, CASM provides security professionals, risk managers, and auditors with a complete and accurate view of your assets and risks.

2) What are the main benefits of Continuous Attack Surface Management?

CASM was designed to be autonomous to free you up for other important business. Our automatic discovery will find and start monitoring new servers/services throughout the internet, including the cloud! A vulnerability creates risk until it is corrected or removed. CASM alerts you to vulnerabilities so they can be mitigated before hackers can find them. 

Not only does CASM automatically discover your internet-connected assets, but it also provides an always up-to-date asset inventory we refer to as your attack surface. You may not have hired additional staff, but it feels like it when you subscribe to CASM. Our CASM Engine® scanners were built by penetration testers to “automate everything safe to automate”.  

CASM also integrates with most popular cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Our APIs allow you to integrate into nearly any process or application. With fully customizable alerts and notifications, you decide what’s important. Be sure to check out CASM’s new Slack channel notifications!

3) Who is a good candidate for Continuous Attack Surface Management?

The best candidates for CASM are organizations that are challenged with keeping up with the volume, volatility, or regional distribution of their assets.  

Organizations with 10 to 10,000+ external (internet-facing) assets or a high degree of external system changes would be prime candidates for CASM. Additionally, organizations migrating to the cloud or those looking to automate their external discovery and vulnerability management would greatly benefit.

4) How does CASM differ from managed vulnerability scanning?

When it comes to security tools, a vulnerability scanner is essential. Whether in-house or run through a managed service, vulnerability scans should be run at least weekly or continuously if possible.  CASM provides continuous automatic discovery of new assets and immediately starts monitoring and scanning them. CASM was also built by penetration testers to support SynerComm’s Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT) services.   When your requirements call for more than just scanning, CASM combined with CPT is the answer. 

5) Can CASM be combined with Continuous Penetration Testing?

Absolutely, and it should be! Our first release of CASM (which was named ‘ReconIT’ back in 2017), was built specifically to support continuous penetration testing. SynerComm’s pentesters needed a reliable set of automated tools to support continuous discovery, monitoring and testing. Five years later in 2022, CASM is still being continually improved to support Continuous Penetration Tests.

6) Is there a difference between CASM and Continuous Vulnerability Management?

Continuous vulnerability management describes ongoing monitoring, testing, remediation, testing, etc. for vulnerabilities. The Center for Internet Security CIS Critical Security Controls lists Continuous Vulnerability Management as their #7 control. 

CASM is the fastest and easiest solution for companies looking to achieve continuous (external) vulnerability management. CASM at its most basic level does not perform vulnerability scanning. As such it is faster and less intrusive and it does not provide potential vulnerability findings.

7) Will CASM fit into my existing security framework?

Yes. CASM fits into most frameworks' requirements for inventory, change detection, and risk review processes. It was designed to be agnostic and to support all popular standards. 

8) What reporting formats are available with CASM?

Dashboard – CASM is a SaaS platform accessible by any modern web browser. In addition to viewing data and running/downloading reports, the CASM dashboard is used for administration.  

Monthly – PDF attack surface reports can be delivered automatically or downloaded through the dashboard.  

Findings – Findings are CASM’s most important notifications. CASM subscribers are alerted when a new finding needs attention.  

API Integration – Not all roles require web-browser-based access to information. CASM’s APIs allow you to integrate into nearly any process or application, including Slack and ServiceNow. 

9) What resources will I need to implement CASM?

Most CASM subscribers are up and running in less than 15 minutes.  

The actual resources needed are often determined by how well our clients know their systems.  

This first step is referred to as “scoping” and CASM was designed to make it as painless as possible. Using our automated asset discovery, your team merely confirms or excludes systems from being monitored and tested. After that, CASM runs autonomously and is always ready when you need it. 

Some roles benefit from regular research and monitoring of assets through CASM while others are completely hands-off unless they are responding to a finding.

10) How can I get started with Continuous Attack Surface Management?

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Security requires constant vigilance. Our CASM Engine® gives you the tools and knowledge you need to stay one step ahead of your adversaries.

When it comes to security, knowing is half the battle. Our CASM Engine® uses vulnerability analysis and human-led penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities before they can be used against you.
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