Projects and programs can’t manage themselves. You need an experienced team that will keep security in mind every step of the way.

Project and program management is more than a Gantt chart or a spreadsheet full of information; you need ongoing diligence and communication, as well as excellent troubleshooting skills, to keep your next major initiative humming along smoothly.

You need DeliverIT.

The DeliverIT Approach to Program and Project Management

Dedicated Project Manager

Too often, system administrators and network engineers are tasked with filling the PM role. However, just because someone has the technical expertise for the task at hand doesn’t mean they have the project management skills needed to keep things running smoothly. From crafting project methodologies to maintaining consistent communication channels, our dedicated project managers are here to turn your next project into a success.

Project Dashboards

Data is useful, but only when it’s presented in an easily consumed format. Our approach to project management includes developing custom dashboards to give you and your team a high-level view of the entire project. This informative and business-focused approach ensures project visibility and supports reporting efforts across all levels of your organization.

Milestone Reporting

Large projects take months, quarters, or even years to complete, which is why having a plan of action and milestones is vital. Breaking each project down into meaningful milestones and continuously communicating each milestone’s status can help your organization weather disruptions such as technology, leadership, and workforce changes.

Post-Project Health Checks

Our job isn't finished just because your project is done. It's impossible to judge the success of a solution until it has been implemented, tested, and adopted by your workforce. To help ensure your project's long-term success, we conduct regular health checks and assess previous implementations to help ensure your solution is sustainable and continues to meet your evolving needs.

The DeliverIT Project Management Model

We’re not just project managers. We’re project leaders.

Communication, budgeting, scheduling, and time management are the foundational principles of project management, but successful projects also require a strategic leader to bring these elements together. As thought leaders, our project managers are here to guide your team every step of the way. From the initial design phase to the post-implementation health checks, our team is here for you.

Your success is our success. That’s why we only employ project managers that we would trust with our own projects, programs, and initiatives.

Certified professionals

SynerComm only employs highly trained and certified professionals

All our project management experts are just that: experts. Our highly-trained, fully certified professionals are giants in their field and bring with them the extensive program and project management experience your project needs to succeed.
Skills to get the job done

Experience you can depend on

Ongoing support for continued success

Your project needs more than Gantt charts and spreadsheets; It needs DeliverIT.

Our team of experienced project leaders can help keep your next initiative on track and on budget.
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