Real-Time, Real Life Attacks to Stress Test Your Defenses.

You’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your cybersecurity posture, but how do you know your efforts will be enough to protect you during an attack? During an adversary simulation, one of our experts will sit alongside your team and launch a real but non-malicious attack, giving your team the chance to put their cybersecurity skills and your current defenses to the test.

Key Components of Adversary Simulation

Real-Time Validation

Adversary simulations are more like technical audits than penetration tests. Our standardized and scored process quantitatively validates controls against both known and unknown threats and gives your security team experience handling adversarial events in real-time.

Command & Control

From initial compromise or command and control through to an advanced, golden ticket simulation, our playbooks offer concrete advice and solutions to help your security posture mature.

Offensive & Defensive

The ability to play both sides of the board offers valuable learning opportunities, which is why each phase of the simulation contains both offensive and defensive components. Playing both roles gives your team the chance to validate the efficacy of your controls while simultaneously fine-tuning and improving their skills.

SIEM Optimization

Even the best SIEM systems are only useful when they are properly configured and well informed. To get the most out of your SIEM solution, you need to collect the right information, filter out noise, and act quickly to respond to real-time security events.

SynerComm’s Plan-Do-Check-Act Model

Make sure your controls have been tested and implemented correctly with our tried-and-true real-time model

This model allows you to make immediate progress on your security goals by ensuring you have reviewed all possible access points, have the right logs tracking events, and have tested the efficacy of your rules and triggers. Should an intrusion be detected, this model also makes sure your team understands the next course of action.

Whatever the scenario, our educational adversary simulations give your team the chance they need to test out their skills in a zero-stakes environment.

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Certified professionals

SynerComm only employs highly trained and certified professionals

All our security experts are just that: experts. Our highly-trained, fully certified professionals are giants in their field and fully up to date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
Work with qualified security experts

Educate and test your team
Tailored scenarios

Is your team prepared for anything? Stress test your defenses with our educational adversary simulations.

Our real-time, real life attacks give your team the chance to put their security knowledge to the test in a no-stakes environment so they can defend your network from anything your adversaries throw at you.
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