Is Your Outdated Infrastructure Holding Your Business Back?


There are few things more frustrating in business than systems that don’t work as efficiently as they should. With the complexity of modern IT infrastructure, which includes a hybrid workplace, identifying whether the problem lies with software or hardware such as network switches, servers or data centers can be hard without a structured approach.  

This is why a regular infrastructure refresh makes sense. It gives businesses an opportunity to conduct an audit and identify if the current infrastructure is performing well and will continue to do so in the future as the business scales. Security is another reason. Often, its vulnerabilities in outdated software or hardware that threat actors exploit to gain access to data centers. Ensuring systems are up to date goes a long way to improving a company’s security posture.

ng well and will continue to do so in the future as the business scales. Security is another reason. Often it’s vulnerabilities in outdated software or hardware that threat actors exploit to gain access to data centers. Ensuring systems are up to date goes a long way to improving a company’s security posture.

Benefits of an Infrastructure Refresh

It’s true that cybercrime is on the increase and threat actors are becoming increasingly creative in finding ways around security efforts. While keeping ahead of security threats is a good enough reason to regularly refresh infrastructure, the benefits extend beyond that. Having the flexibility to easily expand infrastructure when needed is a major business advantage. It means that companies can take advantage of a growth opportunity with less concern about whether their systems will be up to the task of scaling when new customers come on board. 

There are a wide range of technologies including AI applications that are geared toward helping organizations become more productive. Ensuring employees have the right technologies that they need and that systems are properly integrated is vital if the benefits of these productivity tools are to be realized. Conducting a refresh can pick up if there are conflicts between new technologies and older systems and help identify where bottlenecks occur or where employees have trouble accessing necessary data.  

Productivity is often linked to cost-saving targets and by doing an infrastructure refresh it may be possible to improve both. While in the short term, upgrading systems may be an expense, the longer-term cost savings gained by increased efficiency, improved security, and the ability to scale make the investment worthwhile.  

Apps have become integrated into modern-day business and require efficient data centers to operate efficiently. This is especially true for collaboration and time-sensitive apps when it comes to maintaining the level of productivity they’re designed for. A refresh can align the capacity of a data center to ensure it’s able to support the functions of collaboration apps to maximize efficiency.  

What’s Involved in an Infrastructure Refresh? 

SynerComm’s approach is a three-step process done in partnership with Juniper Networks. As an industry leader, Juniper Networks has a broad range of products and services focused on helping organizations improve efficiency and security, while also achieving measurable cost savings. This makes them an ideal partner for SynerComm when conducting an infrastructure refresh.

Day ZeroDesign, and Planning 

Understanding an organization’s infrastructure needs requires network engineers to consult with relevant company stakeholders. The purpose is primarily to gain user feedback on what’s working or where inefficiencies are experienced. This is followed by a thorough analysis of all hardware and software within the network to establish where shortcomings might exist. The focus is not only ensuring that the network infrastructure meets the company’s current needs but also that it has the flexibility built in to scale or adapt to changing business needs. Careful planning helps to eliminate disruptions that could result from discovering that modifications needed can’t be made to existing systems.

Day 1 – Hardware and Software Implementation 

A benefit of working with SynerComm is that if the audit identifies that new hardware or software is required, there is a broad range of products and services available that can be implemented, including cloud-based services. Working with a team of experienced network engineers ensures that the infrastructure will support greater levels of productivity and security. An asset management portal such as SynerComm’s AssetIT portal can also be leveraged to assist with asset management and ongoing maintenance.

Day 2 – Support and Maintenance 

Following implementation, an expert team remains available to help troubleshoot any problems that may arise and to make sure the new infrastructure is performing according to expectations.

Infrastructure as the Backbone of Business 

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Ensuring that data systems and infrastructure are up to the task of supporting business functions requires a critical look at performance regularly. This includes keeping an eye out for alternative options that could provide more reliable infrastructure. Adding new technologies and apps without upgrading infrastructure can negatively impact efficiency and user experiences, both from an employee and customer perspective.  

Conducting an infrastructure refresh can help identify which hardware and software are outdated and therefore impacting workflows and security. While audits should be conducted on whole networks, typically the primary areas of focus are storage systems, servers, networking equipment, and cybersecurity systems and solutions as these have the biggest impact on daily business operations.  

Most importantly refreshing infrastructure regularly helps to improve security as it helps to proactively identify vulnerabilities typically found in aging hardware and software. Up-to-date infrastructure helps companies retain a stronger security posture while supporting daily operations more efficiently. It’s a worthwhile exercise, best supported by a team of expert network engineers.  

For companies that want to keep ahead of IT issues to ensure that they remain agile, efficient, and more secure, regularly implementing an infrastructure refresh is an important consideration. The added benefit of this approach is that when new technologies or apps are to be implemented, the company already has up-to-date knowledge of the existing infrastructure. If it has been designed with the ability to scale, it becomes significantly easier to implement the new apps or technologies. This enables companies to move faster and reap the benefits of the new technologies ahead of competitors who may need to establish compatibility with existing infrastructure.  

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