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Cloud Security - How to Find (and Fix) Hidden Vulnerabilities

Consolidating data centers, increased business agility and reduced IT system costs are a few of the benefits associated with migrating to the cloud. Add to these improved security and it makes a compelling case for cloud migration. As part of the digital transformation process, companies may implement what they consider the best tools, and have […]

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IT Trendsetters with Check Point

SynerComm and ChannelBytes hosted an engaging virtual discussion with Check Point, touching on topics ranging from “Innovative ways Check Point is tackling cloud security issues” to “How does machine learning and AI play into automation?” and “Advice for security teams adopting new security dynamics”.

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AWS Metadata Endpoint - How to Not Get Pwned like Capital One

One of the greatest, yet seemingly unknown, dangers that face any cloud-based application is the deadly combination of an SSRF vulnerability and the AWS Metadata endpoint. As this write up from Brian Krebbs explains, the breach at Capital One was caused by an SSRF vulnerability that was able to reach the AWS Metadata endpoint and extract the temporary security credentials associated with the EC2 instance's IAM Role.

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Why Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score Isn't Enough

Microsoft Secure Score. If you’re an IT administrator or security professional in an organization that uses Office 365, then you’ve no doubt used the tool or at least heard the term. It started as Office 365 Secure Score, but it was renamed in April 2018 to reflect a wider range of elements being scored.

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spin-up: Quickly Launch a Provisioned EC2 Attack Server

When on an engagement, sometimes we'll encounter an eager blue team hellbent on identify and blocking our attacks. Typical in those instances we'd use proxy-cannon and route through multiple (ever changing) Amazon EC2 hosts.  However, what if you send shells back to a host that is easily "burnable". Introducing spin-up: A quick tool used designed to provision EC2 hosts on the fly for engagements where you want quick listener in the cloud.

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[UPDATE] Creating your own private botnet for scanning.

This is an update to an older post that can be found here.  Since createProxy's initial release, we've received some great feedback and, as a result, we made some improvements.   There were several shortcomings with the previous version, all of which rested on the use of ProxyChains.  ProxyChains is old, outdated, and failed to […]

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Creating your own private botnet for scanning.

[ UPDATE]  The tool has been re-written.  New details can be found here: Often while scanning a network with nmap or other similar tools, at some point a NIDS or firewall will detect and block me.  This is irritating.  I wondered, what would happen if I could route my scans/attacks through a series of proxy […]

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