The Future of Business Applications and Data Center Access: Insights from SynerComm’s IT Summit


The recent 20th Anniversary of IT Summit was an eye-opener for tech enthusiasts, security professionals, and business leaders alike. This annual two-day event brings together IT leaders from across the country to learn about the latest strategies and challenges in the infrastructure, data center, and InfoSec communities.

This year’s discussions revolved around the evolving landscape of business applications and data center access. This evolution is driven by the need to adapt to a rapidly changing digital world, characterized by increasing cyber threats and the demand for enhanced security. A few key themes were hot topics this year including identity-based access, leveraging the zero-trust model, the use of xDR API-enabled security ecosystems, and the integration of automation and AIOps for self-healing security, network, data center and public cloud infrastructure.

Here are our top takeaways from our industry visionaries on each topic:

Identity-Based Access

Traditionally, security systems have focused on network-based or perimeter-based defenses. As remote work and cloud services have become the norm, identity-based access is gaining importance. This approach ensures that only authorized users can access critical systems and data, regardless of their location.

Leveraging the Zero-Trust Model

In a zero-trust environment, trust is never assumed, and verification is a constant process. This model provides a higher level of security by continuously verifying the identity and security posture of every user and device attempting to access resources. By adopting the zero-trust model, organizations can enhance their security and protect against both external and internal threats.

xDR API-Enabled Security Ecosystem

This approach emphasizes data context sharing and enrichment, allowing security solutions to work in synergy. By integrating various security tools through APIs, organizations can enhance threat detection and response capabilities. This holistic approach to security is vital in a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving.

Automation and AIOps

Instead of relying on static security infrastructure responses, organizations are moving towards dynamic, self-healing responses. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) allows for real- time threat detection and response, reducing the human intervention required for security operations. Automation ensures that security systems can adapt to emerging threats with agility and precision.

Intent and Narrow Focus

To achieve success in network and security infrastructure automation and AIOps initiatives, it's crucial to have a clear intent and a "narrow focus". In other words, organizations need to set specific goals and identify the data points that provide the necessary visibility. This requires upgrading infrastructure to collect and correlate these data points. High-fidelity input and data points are essential for effective security.

Quantifying Cyber Investments

InfoSec programs have evolved over the years, starting from technical controls investments to compliance and risk-based controls investments. The current focus is on data-driven investments based on financial exposure and annual expected losses, ensuring that investments align with risk tolerance and financial objectives.

How SynerComm Can Help

SynerComm's One Strategic Security Plan (OneSSPTM) offers a comprehensive range of services to support organizations on their security maturity journey. We collaborate with IT teams to identify their security needs, develop a unique path forward, and provide both the necessary solutions and expertise.

INSIGHTS Express and Enterprise offers tailored assessments, risk analysis, and financial impact evaluations to help organizations understand their current security posture and plan for improvements with a clear return on investment.

Our team also offers application assessments, penetration testing, adversary simulations, and continuous penetration testing to test and fine-tune security controls. Our technology sourcing expertise optimizes network and security infrastructure design, deployment, and ongoing operations, ensuring cost-effective and efficient solutions.

The 2023 IT Summit shed light on the critical shifts in business application and data center access, driven by identity-based access, xDR API-enabled security ecosystems, and more. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, organizations must adapt and prioritize security to protect assets and stay competitive. Our range of services and expertise can assist you in navigating this evolving landscape and enhancing your cybersecurity defenses. Connect with our team to get started today.

Are you ready to start your technology journey? The friendly experts at SynerComm are here to help.

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