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The SynerComm Journey

The journey of technology is long, winding, and full of surprises. When Mark Sollazo, President & CEO and Kirk Hanratty, VP and CTO set our course in 1989, the emerging enterprise network infrastructure market was being driven by the need for PC LAN and WAN connectivity. Throughout the 1990’s our direction turned to routers, ethernet switching, and dial-up remote access What simple concepts today.

In late 1999, the road to success changed paths again, and at SynerComm we redirected our course to the emerging enterprise network security market that was being driven by adoption of the Internet.

Today, we run along side our customers on the journey towards security, compliance, and infrastructure, serving as an IT Center of Excellence and providing solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs. Our service delivery is robust and accountable, carried out collectively by our two divisions:

AssureIT – Our Information Assurance Professional Services provide validation and risk analysis for all aspects of your information security program. Consideration is given to the physical, technical, and operational threats and vulnerabilities that affect the overall risk to your data and key business processes. Penetration testing methodologies validate controls and ensure your security program’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to common threats.

DeliverIT – Our heritage continues, bringing the best of today’s industry-leading cloud, network, and security infrastructure solutions and services to our enterprise and service provider clients. SynerComm’s solutions, tools, and lifecycle services are designed to complement your unique IT organizational, architectural, and operational needs.

While the road has changed, we have always strived for True North – making every customer feel as if they are our only customer.


SynerComm’s goal is to be a Trusted Advisor and Preferred IT Solutions Provider by assisting our clients to achieve a goal, solve a problem, or satisfy a need.

Timeline of Technology

Yesterday & Today Are Only Half of the Picture

Situational fluency begins in context. At SynerComm, we know that our backstory in PC LAN and WAN connectivity seems trivial today, yet our body of work over the past three decades drives our company into the future. Facing constant evolution, we believe that staying in front of the technology market means that yesterday and today are only half of the picture…tomorrow is our focus, bringing you the longest lifespan and best value for your investment.

Company timeline