Information Assurance & Compliance Audits

Independent & Actionable Compliance Audits

Once viewed as “big brother” checking up on the technology teams, today’s market leaders understand that information assurance audits are no longer offensive, attack driven annual projects. Defending against cybersecurity attacks and data breaches is a daily initiative, guided by standards, regulations, and maturity models. This is an unending climb to optimized security. Let the AssureIT team aid in projects such as:

  • CIS Top 20 based security program maturity assessments and consulting
  • NIST, FISMA, and FedRAMP audits and consulting
  • Microsoft Office 365 security controls assessment with technical validation
  • FFIEC based audit and assessment services for financial institutions
  • PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Report on Compliance (ROC) and Data Security Standards (DSS)
  • Gap analysis, consulting, and Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliance audits and consulting
  • ISO 27000 compliance audit

Whether it is a required annual compliance audit or an evaluation of your own internal controls, AssureIT follows a three-pronged approach to information assurance. Policy. Interview. Evidence. It’s a high-level analysis of the top security and compliance concerns in your business.

Beyond compliance, bringing true business impact.

AssureIT Audit Delivery Components

Key Features of a Technology Compliance Audit

Broad Audit Path

Taking a broad path, our auditors review not only policy and procedure, but the enforceable nature of those limits. Examinations of physical security and IT systems, as well as interviews, focus on the big picture, allowing you to take your work to the next level, if needed, with a formal risk assessment of critical systems and business processes.

Independent Third-Party Perspective

Whether an independent audit is required or simply desired, AssureIT can partner with your organization to bring a fresh perspective to your information assurance. In-house audits may be attractively inexpensive but are often put on the back-burner for other projects or lack the technical know-how to identify findings.

Integrated Management Response

Our findings are presented as a draft, addressing unanswered items and allowing for your review. During the review period, your team can provide a formal management response inclusion in the report. This allows you to publish your mitigation plan or accepted risk within the final report for examiners, board of directors, and other auditors.

Clear & Actionable Reporting

Clear, concise, and actionable reporting is the centerpiece of our engagements; because it takes great people to produce great reports. Our team will provide you with a prioritized roadmap to achieve stronger security controls and better business practices, protecting your business far beyond compliance alone.

Security Capability Maturity Model

Following best practices is not a one-time event, it’s continuous and progressive. At SynerComm, our AssureIT team helps move our clients from being tactical and reactive, to strategic and proactive. Using the CIS Top 20 as a maturity model, we’ll make worrying about breaches a thing of the past and help you answer these key questions:

  • Do we have the right controls in place?
  • Do our controls provide the protection we expect?
  • How mature is our security program?
  • How do we compare to our industry peers?
  • Are you in the middle 50%?
Security Capability model

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