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Information Security Consulting Services

Assess. Validate. Consult.

Information assurance is about more than just policies and cyber security controls. To truly succeed, security must engage as an enabler…protecting your business, customers, and reputation.

Like you, we know that a solid information security partner goes well beyond checklist audits, basic scanning, and overly verbose reporting. Automated tools and canned reports can only mimic human knowledge, intent, and intuition – not match it. That’s why our AssureIT team pairs these tools with:

  • Savvy business understanding
  • Highly technical security personnel
  • Diligent discovery
  • Continuous training
  • Clear and actionable reporting

This results in a continually improving information security program that passes the toughest scrutiny, mitigates vulnerabilities, and minimizes your business risk. Whether you don’t know where to start and don’t want to become another security breach news headline or are implementing a full-scale strategic information assurance effort in your organization, AssureIT is here to help.

Compliance may be an outcome…but being secure is the goal.

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Information Assurance & Assessment Services

At SynerComm, our AssureIT Division was founded on the belief that expert consulting can make the cyber-world a much safer place. From ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, to evaluating and validating your systems and applications, our team has done it all. What truly differentiates SynerComm is pairing our information assurance services with our DeliverIT team’s 30-year track record of delivering network and security solutions.


Audit & Compliance

Ensure you meet strict regulatory requirements with our independent HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, and NIST audits. Our consulting employs an information security lifecycle approach, recognizing that information security is not a project, rather it’s a continual process. Clear, actionable reporting will help you identify areas of concern and implement an action plan to improve your bottom line.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are increasingly popular in both governance and compliance. Regardless of the driver, at some point, most organizations will be asked to produce a risk assessment. While the process can be daunting, it can be manageable and truly beneficial when carried out with a proven process. Inventorying assets, identifying threats, assessing probabilities, scoring impacts, and considering control effectiveness, it’s all there. AssureIT takes the guesswork out of risk assessments by leading you through the process and leveraging our home-built risk assessment application to perform the heavy analysis.

Penetration Testing

Simulated attacks on your systems can include overt and covert attempts, as well as the ever-important element of social engineering. Identify vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and people through our penetration testing services. We will provide detailed findings, as well as a prioritized risk-based action plan for your organization.

Adversary Simulation

After a decade of penetration testing, it is clear that offensive capabilities have advanced more rapidly than the defensive security industry. This is evident by the fact that security is still mostly a reactive process. SynerComm’s adversary simulations attempt to change this trend by leading security teams through a series of threat hunting simulations. These simulations are designed to identify and log dangerous activities, prevent as much as possible, and alert on suspicious events. Think of it as a penetration test, combined with threat hunting training, combined with SIEM tuning.

Password Auditing & Recovery

At SynerComm, we know that “even the best-laid plans go awry.” Often this holds true when examining the security of end-user and privileged passwords. As long as we continue to use passwords, there will be mistakes. Be it password recovery or auditing, or consideration of strong authentication methods like multi-factor, AssureIT can help manage the complexities of authentication and access management. In today’s world, password policies are not enough.

Application Assessment

As an application developer or host of custom applications, you are a likely target for an attack. For decades, application security lagged and everyone from script kiddies to organized criminals exploited these weaknesses. Whether hosting eCommerce, client/patient portals, or document management, your data is the lifeblood of your company. SynerComm’s methodical approach evaluates web and mobile applications against each applicable Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 category. Our team will ensure your applications meet the scrutiny of the industries you serve.

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