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Building a Pwnagotchi

Pwnagotchi is an A2C-based “AI” powered by bettercap and running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W that learns from its surrounding WiFi environment in order to maximize the crackable WPA key material it captures. This material is collected on disk as PCAP files containing any form of handshake supported by hashcat, including full and half WPA handshakes as well as PMKIDs.

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The Upside Down - Ventures into the 5GHZ Spectrum

In the hit Netflix series 'Stranger Things', the Upside Down is the parallel dimension inhabited by a monster. It is a dark and cold reflection of the dimension inhabited by humans, containing the same locations and infrastructure. When assessing wireless networks, I like to think of 5GHZ as 'the upside down'; a dark and cold spectrum where assessors have historically had limited visibility to see what is lurking within when compared to its 2.4GHZ peer.

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crEAP - Harvesting Users on Enterprise Wireless Networks

With the demands of a mobile workforce, wireless networks in enterprise environments are quite common.  Typically, enterprise wireless networks employ WPA-Enterprise security features, which removes the need for preshared keys (WPA2-PSK) that float around between employees creating security concerns of sharing or unauthorized access upon termination, etc. These WPA-Enterprise (802.1x) wireless networks often make use of […]

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