Network Penetration Testing

Dedicated & Certified Consultants

Whether the intruder breaks in or someone from the inside opens the door to them, the end result is the same. As IT professionals, we are often effective at securing the perimeter of our network, only to find fallibility inside our own walls. And let’s face it, there are few industries with more passionate professionals than information security. In the past decade, the offensive security (penetration testing) segment of our industry has taken their passion to a whole new level. SynerComm’s team of penetration testers is no different, they don’t just enjoy technology, they strive to know it all and share that knowledge with others.

Despite having such passion, our industry is not without sub-standard firms and lacking capabilities. To ensure you’re hiring a reputable firm, SynerComm makes it easy by only employing highly trained and certified professionals, which is why our team includes:

100% Pentesters OSCP Certified

Or completed within their first year at SynerComm

100% Consultants CISSP Certified


SynerComm will test the limits of your systems and people. Will your team detect, contain, and stop potential threats?

A penetration test is a simulation of a targeted and determined attack. Make sure that your partner can deliver.

Expertise & Actionable Reporting

AssureIT Penetration Testing Offers…

Expert Information Assurance Consultants

Large consulting firms fail because they can’t ensure all “A Team” players have a security focus, and regional accounting firms lack expertise as they “tack-on” IT security to their accounting audits. SynerComm dedicates a team of individuals experienced in penetration testing, social engineering, application testing, and even IoT/controller/hardware testing.

Social Engineering

The rampant success of phishing attacks and ransomware is proof that criminals prefer to exploit the weakest link. With an AssureIT social engineering engagement, you’ll not only know your human weakness, but also measure your ability to detect and respond to internal threats.

Application Experience

Whether it’s SQL injection or cross-site request forgery, web applications can be vulnerable. Unlike other services exposed to the internet, web applications can have an enormous attack surface. If your organization uses applications to share sensitive data, a full application assessment may be in order.

Clear & Actionable Reporting

Businesses need to prioritize remediation efforts and investments. That’s why SynerComm’s reports deliver what matters most without the useless filler. From executive summaries to prioritized risk-based action plans, you can easily turn our findings and recommendations into measurable improvements.

Key Penetration Testing Components

Each organization is unique, which is why our penetration testing services are able to be customized for your business purposes. We will help you build a protocol for penetration testing by answering some simple, yet important questions:

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