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Drone Code Execution (Part 1)

Recently some of us here at shellntel have been building quadcopters and autonomous vehicles for fun.  We are big fans of the Pixhawk flight controller for its awesome autonomous capabilities.  We are also big fans of privacy.  As much as we like to build and fly these drones, we realize doing so in an irresponsible […]

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PowerShell Memory Scraping for Credit Cards

During the post exploitation phase of a penetration test, I like to provide the client with examples of what could happen if a breach were to take place.  One of the most common examples of this is credit card theft. To demonstrate this threat, I created a PowerShell memory scraper against whatever application (many times […]

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Intro To Active Directory Delegation

One of the most frequent questions I get from my CircleCityCon/DerbyCon Active Directory talk goes something like "You recommend that we delegate permissions in AD (as opposed to just dropping everything in Domain Admins), but I just inherited this domain and have no idea what delegation is. Help?" Well good news: 1) Delegation in AD isn't […]

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Using PowerShell & Unicorn to Get Persistence

Recently I was on an engagement where I received a meterpreter shell only to have it die within minutes before I could establish persistence. Talk about frustration! I've never had the best of luck with Metasploit's s4u_persistence module. Just to make sure, I did a quick test. I established a shell over tcp/53 on my Windows 7 […]

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Creating your own private botnet for scanning.

[ UPDATE]  The tool has been re-written.  New details can be found here: Often while scanning a network with nmap or other similar tools, at some point a NIDS or firewall will detect and block me.  This is irritating.  I wondered, what would happen if I could route my scans/attacks through a series of proxy […]

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Circle City Con: 2015 CTF Writeup

The shellntel team attended Circle City Con this year and participated in their second annual Capture The Flag tournament.  While there was many great things at the conference, this event held our attention for its majority as we spent the majority of our time solving the puzzles.  In the end, we ended up taking second […]

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