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The Benefits of a Partnership Built on Trust

SynerComm's business approach has served us well over the years, allowing us to create custom, value‐added solutions delivered with world‐class service. This commitment to excellence has helped us create long‐lasting customer relationships built on a solid foundation of trust. Why Trust is Essential Our valuable experience is both deep and broad. We have extensive experience […]

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Penetration Testing Myths, Truths, & Best Practices

SynerComm partnered with ChannelBytes to present 60 minute session where we discuss what it means to do quality, modern penetration testing in 2020. Penetration testing is a core part of the networking security toolset, but few people outside of industry specialists understand what penetration testing is, when to make use of it, and most importantly, […]

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SynerComm Reboots a Security Staple with 'Continuous' Pentesting

SynerComm discusses Continuous Penetration testing with Dark Reading as a part of the Black Hat USA 2020 virtual conference.

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Incorporating your lessons learned for Pandemic contingency planning considerations

Due to the ubiquity of technology within any business, contingency planning is a company-wide effort. Not only the planning, but the execution of the plan at any level will require the cooperation of business managers and technology managers.

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We’ll get through this; how will it make us stronger? Make COVID-19 “lessons learned” a priority

The approach of a “lessons learned” exercise is a method of continuous improvement that is based on a singular event (COVID-19) or similarly related events.

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Building a Pwnagotchi

What is a Pwnagotchi? From the Website: Pwnagotchi is an A2C-based “AI” powered by bettercap and running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W that learns from its surrounding WiFi environment in order to maximize the crackable WPA key material it captures (either through passive sniffing or by performing deauthentication and association attacks). This material is […]

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